How to Select Best Outsourced Web Application Development Company

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Developing a website that speaks of your business, mission and vision is not a cake walk. There are many technicalities involved, which you must tackle out in a smart way to bring in the desired results. When it comes to website development, most people struggle with the dilemma whether to do it in-house or outsource.

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Doing it in-house certainly helps your company save a big amount but that saving can even end up costing your business if in case the things aren’t done in the desired manner. The very first thing you need to figure out is whether or not you need to outsource the web development.

Read about Six steps to decide if you want to outsource 

Step 1: Deciding if you need to outsource

If you are in a puzzle regarding outsourcing development, the evaluation of the following will help you figure out if you need to outsource it or do it in-house. You certainly need to outsource web development project, if you lag the following:

  • Marketing leaders with expertise in guiding web strategy, defining the target audiences, defining the key success metrics
  • Efficient graphic designers capable of designing unique, and appealing web designs
  • Proficient web developers who can produce clean, effective code, and assimilate a CMS, easy to be updated on your website.
  • ​​​​Deciding if you are looking to get your project done with WordPress or any other CMS.
  • ​​​​Skilled copywriters capable of writing as per the search engine standards and your business needs
  • Project managers capable of taking control over the time line and budget
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Step 2: Finding out an Outsourcing Company

Once you have decided that you need to outsource website development, the next task is to find out the companies that can do the work for you. You can get through some outsourcing companies by:

  • Locating on Google or any other search engine
  • Seeking references from other business firms
  • Placing ads

Step 3: Choosing the right vendor

Now that you have got a fair number of outsourced software development companies , it’s time to pick the one who will be perfect for your business. Here too, you will have to stick to some criteria in order to select the best and most authentic one. It is time to hire someone to build a website for your choice.

  • Check the experience: Good work and experience can often be contradictory. However, when we talk of web development, it would always be better to go with a vendor that has good years of experience in the field as they will understand the requirements pretty well.

  • Evaluate the work samples: You will be able to best judge the quality of their work once you get to check out some of their previous works. Ask for samples and demos so that you can figure out whether the company will be capable of developing the site as per your requirements or not.

  • Check company infrastructure & quality certification: You will have to find out whether or not the company so selected has a good infrastructure or not. Also, check if they can produce any quality certification that proves their authenticity in the field.

  • Company competence: This is one important thing to know. You must be aware of the fact if the vendor would be able to process your ideas and project needs. Unless the outsourcing company understands your project requirements, the end result can never be satisfactory.

  • The manpower: Web development as we said in the beginning also, is not a child’s play. It requires expert and proficient minds to carry out the entire process right from designing to testing of the website. You must check out if the company you have chosen has good manpower. From developers to designers, everyone must be experienced and skilled enough to fulfill the task with perfection or least flaws.

  • Mode of communication: As you build business ties with the company, you will have to interact with the concerned group of people within the organization. Check what mode of communication is being used there. English being the global language is a criterion must to be fulfilled by them.

  • NDA: Though most of the outsourcing companies would be willing to sign up for the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) in the best interest of their clients, however; you must still make the point clear before sealing the deal so that there are no pitfalls ahead.

  • Payment statistics: Once you feel that the prospective vendor is meeting all your business requirements, the next in line comes payment. You will have to see if it’s payment demand fits to your budget. If you feel that the demand isn’t feasible, you for sure can look for next company.
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Step 4: Heading with Project Documentation

Once you have come across the right web developers, it’s time to take the project on-board. The very first thing you need to do is documenting the entire project. You must list what the project is all about, the target audience, the objectives and all other important aspects that you want to be implemented in the web development project. This documentation can then be sent to the outsourcing vendor either in the form of a mail, a scan or if the need be, you can send it as a hard copy as well whichever sounds more convenient and feasible.

Step 5: Weekly meetings

Monitoring the project from your end is very crucial. You must stay updated with each and every development so that nothing goes wrong through the process. It would always be better to hold weekly meetings wherein you will not only get to know about the progress of the task, but can even give in some inputs or order the changes if in case any required.

Step 6: The final dealing and payment

This is the final stage of your web development. Post the testing, the vendor will hand you over the site so developed. You can evaluate and see if it’s done as per your specifications. Changes can be made, if you feel there is a need. If all goes well, it’s time to make the due payment and put your site on action!

Following these six steps, can definitely assist you to outsource web development for your company.

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7 Comments on “How to Select Best Outsourced Web Application Development Company”

  1. All of these criteria is right. Just want to add few more things:
    Does the vendor have capacity to deliver on the project?

    The primary reason why you are outsourcing your software development to an OSDC is because you are looking for an expert to handle the job. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the vendor’s core competency lies in software development. Choose a vendor that is specialized in the core skill you need for your project.

    Is the vendor sufficiently experienced?

    You need to ensure that your preferred vendor has the requisite experience before assigning your task to the OSDC. When it comes to certain type of software, there are certain industry-specific standard and requirements that might need to be followed. Make sure that the vendor you choose for your project has previous experience in designing and developing products similar to the one you wish to outsource.

    How much is the vendor charging for the project?

    Before settling on a vendor, make sure that you have asked for quotation of the total cost for the project from different vendors. It is important to compare costs and settle for one who charges a reasonable amount and delivers exceptional results.

    You need to discuss all the components making up the cost of the project to ensure that all present and future costs, one-time and recurrent costs are considered.

    Is the vendor reputable?

    The overall reputation of the vendor you plan to hire matters a lot. You need to ask around for referrals concerning the vendor in question. Pay attention to reviews given by the past clients served by the vendor. A reputable vendor will honor the agreement and deliver the project as agreed upon.

    How is the vendors financial and operational stability?

    Since most software development projects are mid to short-term ventures, it is therefore important that you ensure that the offshore software development center you wish to partner with for the project is stable financially and operationally. Don’t risk the long-term success of your business by hiring a vendor whose financial and operational stability is either questionable or uncertain.

    Will the final ownership of the software transfer to you?

    Depending on the nature of the agreement you have with the vendor, you can either co-own the final product or receive full ownership rights once the project is complete. Make sure that you understand the option or options offered by the offshore software development center.

    Once you have carefully considered the factors listed above, you will then be able to settle on the best offshore software development vendor for your project.

  2. Web design has been among the trends in the last few years. First thing you’ve got to think about is your internet design, next comes the more technical stuff that you’d need to learn. Since both internet design and web development should be integrated to earn a site perfect.

    Any wrong kind of development can become unsightly overall look and it may also drive away your organization. The site development will incorporate the marketing of the site and the accession of new content. At length, keep in mind that you need to hire company which ought to assist you in overall evolution of your Website and all the associated aspects.

    1. Thank you for this helpful article. I think Offshoring software development is still part of large discussions. The board of SMEs are still not convinced about the benefits it could deliver. To make the choice easier for every board member we enlisted 10 tips to succeed in offshoring software development. I used to read some interesting information here I hope you guys can find helpful things

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