Outsourcing : 3 Main Reasons to Prefer Agencies over Freelancers

3 Reasons to Prefer Agencies over Freelancers

Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group, which consists of 400 companies worldwide, stated about outsourcing

“Everything in your business can be outsourced, if you’re not emotionally attached to doing it.”

And he is right in saying so. Any small time project or unexpected work can be outsourced, but so can a big project or well thought out planned venture. This, eventually, aids with distribution of the companies’ work.

It is vital to understand why outsourcing a particular part is important for the company instead of managing it all alone. According to Laura McGarrity of CMO.com, benefits of outsourcing can be a worthwhile try “for companies to efficiently test ideas and analyze results before building an internal team and infrastructure.” Not only this, but outsourcing can help the company to compensate for the time and bandwidth that is required for the executions of digital marketing and campaigns. Essentially, outsourcing can be useful when the company lacks time, expertise or technology.

It aids in lowering the marketing costs and helps the new company to scale new and faster growth trajectories. It provides sustenance when the company is planning to move offshore or expanding it to another place altogether.

Now that it’s established why outsourcing is the best thing that can happen to any new or reforming company, it is important to look at what the two options, freelancers and agencies, have in common and where they differ.


Freelancers are very convenient when hiring for a specific skill that cannot be found in the present pool of employees. Every company at some point requires certain skill sets, such as experts, editors, writers, community content managers, video curators, and social media professionals, who can increase the efficiency of the company.

For example, getting hold of a full time expert can be very expensive, but hiring a freelancer can be a better way to get the apt person with the right knowledge for that specific project.

The company can also access the required technology without investing any capital purchase expense. Because freelancers are hired project to project, there is no obligation to keep them once you’ve hired them. If for instance, the company is facing a financial crisis, laying off freelancers is not as hard.

They provide flexibility that cannot be found in the full-time employed professionals. Freelancers are also cost effective, in that they have less overhead expenses, which is why they charge less as compared to the employees. Along with this, the company can negotiate with freelancers, which can prove to be impossible with already employed persons.


Agencies comprise of a group of experts who excel in their chosen fields. Agencies, generally, consist of highly skilled freelancers working together in a team instead of individually. An agency can possess only three-member teams or can be a fully functioning proficient marketing agency that is simultaneously working on many projects. An agency can be likened to a mega store where you can purchase a lot of tools, which are required, at one time, so once you have your list of objectives you need to accomplish, the agency can provide you with that. A marketing agency possesses a team of experts that use updated marketing tools and strategies to enable faster growth for the company.

These tools that are used by experts include social media analytics tools, SEO software, and integrated reporting software which are available for the company to use as well. The well-structured processes also eliminates unnecessary time that is wasted during creating a plan by the company. When there is a team the company doesn’t have to manage each individual’s progress, which helps in saving a lot of time and effort. Essentially, agencies provide end-to-end solution as opposed to freelancers that provide individual pieces.

It is important to fully comprehend the functions of both freelancers and agencies to be able to grasp why one should prefer to hire outsourcing company instead.

Here are main 3 reasons why should you outsource to an agency instead of a freelancer


Although it might appear that contacting freelancers is fairly easy and faster it is, in fact, quite the opposite. Experts among the freelancers can be very hard to find and be a cause for a major time and energy consumption. If the company has a good budget, and needs technical support but lacks the time to do it, their best bet is to hire an agency that has already established their work in that department.


A major drawback with hiring a freelancer is that the company never knows when the freelancer might disappear or withdraw. Because they are not a full-time employee they are not obliged to stay back and work for the company. This could lead to a lot of anxiety on the company that has hired the freelancers. A firm or an agency will be in business longer than any single freelancer which also means that they will have a pool of skilled individuals they can hire or let go of as they wish with the company not having to worry about their service or project.


A very big difference among the agencies and the individual freelancers is that they are open and transparent. Agencies respond quickly and already have a structured system in place, which enables the product to be delivered on time. In addition, the management structure ensures quality, source control and an easier workflow process that only enhances the company. As opposed to freelancers, who might or might not have answers to the queries of the company, an agency always figures it out and uses its updated resources to answer and work on the queries.

Most agencies provide a strong content management system that can integrate the requirements of the company seamlessly.

There are many more reasons, other than the major ones mentioned here. Agencies provide stability, whereas freelancers might do more harm to the company if they are not aware of the position and the brand of the company. The breadth of services provided by agencies are wider than the freelancers.

Freelancers often exhibit expertise in one or two areas, however, if the company requires more expertise in different formats, agencies are better equipped to provide that. At the end of the day, it is better to opt for agencies over freelancers.

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